Introducing PainWISE


PainWISE is a training course that will empower pharmacists to provide persistent pain sufferers with effective pain management strategies, reducing their reliance on OTC codeine.


PainWISE is an innovative and evidence-based professional service offering for pharmacy. The program provides educational and introductory treatment strategies, using the latest knowledge in pain management, to equip pharmacists with the tools and techniques to effectively engage with patients. It is the only Australian pharmacy professional service program that focuses on the pharmacists’ engagement with persistent pain sufferers and local health care professionals.


The one day program attracts 10 CPD Credits* and provides an excellent platform to enable you and your team to start having better conversations with your customers regarding their persistent pain. apc


Understanding persistent pain





joyce_mcswan Joyce McSwan
Program Developer
Joyce is a clinical pharmacist with a special interest in treating persistent pain. The recipient of numerous awards including the “PSA QUM Pain management Award” and “Innovative Pharmacist of the Year 2013”. Joyce has innovated multiple pain programs in primary health care, private hospitals and within the pharmacy industry, nationwide.

peta_stapleton Dr Peta Stapleton
Program Facilitator
Associate Professor Peta Stapleton is a registered Clinical and Health Psychologist and is Program Director of the Masters of Clinical Psychology program at Bond University (Queensland). Peta has delivered Motivational Interviewing training and peer support to Gold Coast Medicare Local.


Improve patient wellbeing


Motivational interviewing is a counselling technique used in the clinical setting with proven success with drug and alcohol rehabilitation, smoking cessation, weight loss, medication and diabetes compliance and pain management.


Brief motivational interviewing was added to the PainWISE Foundations syllabus in 2016, led by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Peta Stapleton. Participants are introduced to the theory before working through a number of clinical scenarios. The facilitators work with each participant, providing feedback on technique and suggestions for improvement. Following each scenario there is an interactive session to discuss the most appropriate treatment options for each case.


Proven effectiveness


Measuring the effectiveness of the PainWISE Foundations course is important to Arrow, to ensure value for all attendees. The use of a validated confidence scale saw a statistically significant shift in participant confidence, measured pre and post workshop.

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2017 Events


Arrow will be bringing PainWISE Foundations locations to workshops across the country in 2017. The following dates have been announced.


March May
Perth Brisbane Sydney Canberra Melbourne Adelaide
29 March 9 May 10 May 11 May 24 May 25 May

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Pharmacist feedback from 2016


The PainWISE program delivered exactly what community pharmacists need to know in order to assist their patients suffering from persistent pain. The investment in time (away from the pharmacy) was well worth it – the contents, workshop structure and skills developed during the day were outstanding!
Marc Segler, Proprietor Noranda Feelgood Pharmacy (WA)


The PainWISE training day was excellent. Totally inspiring, evidence based, with a practical focus, and even better, an acceptable business outcome to go with all that!
Amanda Galbraith , Capital Chemist Kingston (ACT)


I have learnt a huge amount about pain management; an area that I previously had little confidence in.  The workshop has given me the confidence to deal with patients seeking repeated supply of opioid OTC products.
PainWISE Participant 2016


Fantastic workshop – very interesting and well planned with excellent presenters.  Having a clinical psychologist attend to teach motivational interviewing was a real bonus and adds credibility to the workshop.  Looking forward to learning more in the future!
PainWISE Participant 2016


The presenters’ passion of the topic was clear – very contagious!  I’m motivated to put the theory into practice and start providing a positive influence on patients’ lives.
PainWISE Participant 2016


The seminar provided a strong foundation to deliver a new service in the pharmacy.
PainWISE Participant 2016


We have many people coming into the pharmacy presenting to the pharmacy with opioid scripts in addition to requests for OTC analgesics.  I can implement PainWISE into the pharmacy with confidence and start managing these patients more appropriately.
PainWISE Participant 2016


Ongoing access to support through the online portal and Facebook group will be a fantastic support when implementing the material from today.
PainWISE Participant 2016




Accreditation Details
*Accreditation number: CX160034 The pre-reading has been accredited for 1 hour of group 1 CPD credits, suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan. The interactive case
study activities have been accredited for 4 hours of Group 2 CPD credits, suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan. The additional 2.5 hour presentations have been
accredited for 2.5 hours of Group 1 CPD which can be converted to 5 hours of Group 2 CPD credits upon successful completion of relevant assessment activities, suitable for inclusion in
an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan. Participants have the opportunity to gain a total of 1 Group 1 CPD credit plus 9 Group 2 CPD credits.
Learning Objectives
•Discuss the principles of persistent pain
•Explain the treatment options for acute and persistent pain
•Demonstrate an ability to obtain an accurate assessment and medication history in a patient suffering pain
•Discuss the non-drug approaches to managing persistent pain
•Demonstrate an ability to manage challenging conversations with patients suffering persistent pain
•Discuss the steps involved in motivation interviewing for behaviour change
•Discuss ways of delivering a persistent pain professional service with a multimodal approach.
Competency standards:
Standard 1.3 Deliver ‘patient-centred’ care
Standard 2.1 Communicate effectively
Standard 2.3 Collaborate with members of the health care team
Standard 3.1 Provide leadership and organisational planning
Standard 4.2 Consider the appropriateness of prescribed medicines
Standard 4.3 Dispense prescribed medicines
Standard 6.1 Assess primary health care needs
Standard 6.2 Deliver primary health care
Standard 6.3 Contribute to public and preventive health
Standard 7.1 Contribute to therapeutic decision-making
Standard 7.2 Providing ongoing medication management